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CMS | SSA Industry Day Procurement Conference

June 1, 2018 | CMS Auditorium | Baltimore, MD


Day of Event


2018 Industry Day Agenda 5.03.18

Parking and Entry to the CMS Campus

At A Glance Instructions

  • Enter the Complex Using Security Boulevard Gate Via the Right Lane
  • Stop Your Vehicle and Turn off the Engine
  • Exit the Vehicle and Provide Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Tell Guard Attending Industry Day Procurement Conference
  • Vehicle Will Be Inspected (See List of Prohibited Items under Security)
  • Display Temporary Parking Pass in Dashboard on Driver’s Side
  • Proceed to park in White-Lined Spaces Only
  • Enter the Center Building Main Entrance (All Visitors Enter /Exit Main Gate Only)
  • Proceed to “Conference Check In” table on the left with designated CMS Staff
  • Provide the Same ID as Provided at Front Gate
  • After check in, proceed to have bags X-rayed and Walk Through Magnetometer
  • Proceed to the CMS Auditorium on Your Right and Pick Up Name Badge


Detailed Instructions

Entry to Complex

You will enter the complex using the Security Boulevard gate, via the far right lane, stop your vehicle, and turn off the engine. All occupants will exit the vehicle and provide a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a state-issued driver’s license). You will tell the guards you are attending the Industry Day Procurement Conference.  The guards will inspect your vehicle, to include under the hood, the trunk, under the vehicle, and in the glove-box. These actions are mandatory prior to entering the CMS Complex. Please see “List of Prohibited Items” under Security.   These items are strictly prohibited; should you have these items in your vehicle, you will not be permitted to enter the complex and will be unable to attend the conference.

When the vehicle inspection has been completed and all IDs have been checked, the guard will give you a temporary parking pass and explain where to park. The temporary parking pass is to be displayed in the dashboard (driver’s side) of the vehicle. Visitors may park in white-lined spaces only. Visitors with Handicapped Parking Permits may not park in any numbered Handicapped space.

Entering the Building

After parking, you will enter the Central Building Main Entrance on the first floor at the front of the building.

Visitors must be signed in by a designated CMS Employee with a valid PIV or CMS-issued ID badge, or a Contract Employee with a valid “S”-Authority badge, authorized to perform escort duties. Please proceed to the “Conference Check In” table on the left after entering the building.

Visitors must provide the same ID as provided at the front gate, sign the Visitor Log, then proceed to have bags X-rayed, and walk through the magnetometer.

Visitors must be escorted at all times when in CMS facilities. Please wear your visitor badge above the waist on the front torso, in full view at all times. Photography of the facility is forbidden as well as access to CMS information technology (IT) systems. During a fire evacuation or a shelter-in-place event, you will take direction from your host and/or escorts. In the event of a building evacuation, assembly area 19 has been designated as your assembly area. Evacuations will result in an accountability roll-call prior to reentry into the building.