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CMS | SSA Industry Day Procurement Conference

June 1, 2018 | CMS Auditorium | Baltimore, MD



Matchmaking gives small and large businesses the opportunity to meet with prime contractors and CMS and SSA government buyers one-on-one by appointment to briefly discuss their capabilities. What’s most important is to “match” capabilities with buyers “NAICS Codes” or “acquisition needs.” This portion of the event is limited and is offered on a first come, first served basis.

SELLERS (BUSINESSES) INTERESTED IN SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS ( Those that wish to sell products/services to buyers)

How Do I Participate?

  • Register for the Conference – The Matchmaking Session is offered to registrants on a first come, first served basis (Limit 3 appointments per company). You will be able to make your appointments online via registration under the Other Info tab. Matchmaking will be available to all registered attendees when buyers have been identified. Please indicate if you are interested in matchmaking to ensure you receive any announcements concerning the Matchmaking.
  • Provide Your Capabilities – Each company should provide their five (5) primary NAICS Codes, description of capabilities, and email address.
  • Schedule Three (3) Appointments – The buyers will be listed with their top NAICS codes, and you will be able to select an available appointment in the drop down menu. Appointments are in 15-minute increments with a 5-minute break in between appointments. Prime Contractors (Matchmaking Buyers) will evaluate the appointment requests to ensure seller capabilities “match” the buyers “NAICS Codes” or “acquisition needs.” Appointments in excess of 3 will be removed from the schedule.
  • Appointments are Accepted by the Prime Contractor (Matchmaking Buyer) – Appointments will be sent to buyers for review and must be accepted by the buyer.
  • Matchmaking Appointment Confirmations Sent via Email – All registrants will receive confirmation via email notifying them of their scheduled appointment times. No additional appointments will be honored without email confirmation. Any appointment that has not been accepted by the buyer will not be honored.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important for you to arrive to your appointments on time because the Matchmaking Session is TIME SENSITIVE.

No Onsite Matchmaking Appointments

BUYERS MEETING BUSINESSES (Those that wish to buy products/services from businesses)

How Do I Participate?

  • Register for the Conference – Prime contractors (Matchmaking Buyers) who are looking to meet sellers for businesses within their “NAICS Codes” or “acquisition need” may participate in matchmaking. Matchmaking Buyers will be able to provide required information under the Other Info tab during initial registration.
  • Provide Your Acquisition Needs – Matchmaking Buyers should provide a list of all NAICS Codes associated with acquisition needs, and appointment times available.
  • Final Scheduled Appointments – Matchmaking Buyers will review the appointments to ensure the sellers capabilities match Buyer acquisition needs. Buyers will receive a report of all scheduled appointments, including seller’s company name, primary NAICS Codes and description of capabilities. As the Matchmaking Buyer, you will have the option to accept or decline appointments. You will receive an email containing your final appointment schedule prior to the day of the event.